Planeta Inform

Take a look at the trailer for Russian sci-fi film Coma, which looks something like Inception meets Doctor Strange.

The trailer below doesn’t have English subs, but it’s visually impressive enough that we thought it would be worth a share. The plot follows an architect who suffers an accident and enters a coma. He comes back to his senses, in a way, when he finds himself in a world that resembles reality, but is actually made up of memories and recollections. He must figure out the laws of the world as he fights to get back to the “real” world.


Yep, looks like a out-there sci-fi pic with fantastic visuals; let’s hope it’s a film that will holds a  potent and well-enough written narrative to compliment the effects. There’s no release date that we could find, as yet. This is the directorial debut of Nikita Argunov, who comes from a background in visual effects (CGI Supervisor on Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan). Check out the trailer below…